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American Art Elite Award

Congratulations to our top 10 winners who have been recognized by the BYAA judging panel and received the prestigious American Art Elite Award!


After carefully reviewing numerous applicants, we have ultimately chosen 13 winners who represent various fields of art, such as Graphic Design, Interaction Design, Painting, Product Design, and more.

Young Professional Category 

Sphere on Spiral Stairs


Student Award Category 

Honorablele Mention

Shuwen Yang

A multi-disciplinary artist, the current phase of the work aims to explore the integration of art, design and technology.

Central Saint Martins

Yihan Lin

I enjoy expressing my love for life with soothing and passionate music, interpreting my understanding of life. Dalian Experimental Primary School

Tokie Wang

An Independent Artist, Choreography/ Integrated Media,  MFA at California Institute of the Arts 

Amy Huang

I am an artist who loves to capture what I see in real life and put it down on paper, for me, drawing is like writing my thoughts down in a diary. not just only into fine arts, I am also into different kinds of art.

Yufei Diao

I am a percussionist and I enjoy music. Winning a Grammy Award is my dream.Shanghai Datong Junior High School. Major in music

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