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About BYAA

Fresh to Los Angeles, BYAA Collectives is a company dedicated to finding and helping curate the nations top up and coming artists in the 21st century. While art is subjective it should not be complicated. We founded BYAA Collectives to act as a home base, network, and starting point for new and established artists alike. Please take a look around at what you could one day be a part of too. 

Our Mission

We commit and pride ourselves in our ability to nourish and nurture our growing community of emerging artists here at BYAA Collectives. Our mission is to provide a community and network where artists new and established can connect, create, and move forward together. Providing hope and inspiration for the new generation of artists through guidance and support, BYAA Collectives is so much more than just a company.

About our competition

From visual art to music, design, and even culture, the American Art Elite Awards is the epitome of it all. Our competition is designed for the undiscovered artist, and with the range in art forms accepted, this competition is truly a chance for all. The winner will not only receive the highest prize available, but also the support and mentorship from our highly esteemed panel of judges as they navigate through life after the American Art Elite Awards and enter the BYAA Collectives community.

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