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Accepting Applications for 2024-2025 Now

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BYAA Collectives

BYAA Collectives and American Art Elite Awards is profoundly dedicated to recognizing and helping foster new up and coming artists from a myriad of different fields. Our commitment to finding the most worthy and dedicated artists to hit the scene is but a small part of who we are. Our aim is to inspire hope and passion in the art community for all. 

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The BYAA, and American Art Elite Awards, is sponsored by BYAA Association and is known as the "Oscar Award for Young Artists.”  We are overjoyed to announce the official opening of our registration and audition process now! This competition has already attracted a large number of young artists from all over the United States to apply.


BYAA was founded by BYAA Association. In 2023, our company made the decision to expand our headquarters to Los Angeles. The BYAA has held the top ten art elite awards in the United States and several industry rookie awards since being founded. While it is still considered a relatively new award, it has brought together a myriad of highly esteemed artists to serve on our panel of judges.


The range of industries amongst our judges spans from art, culture, design, film, music, and more. In addition to selecting the most prominent emerging artists in their respective industries, our judges will also provide professional guidance and mentorship for all participating artists.


This award also fills the vacancy of the National Art Newcomer Award. Over the years, there have been various competitions and awards in the art world. However, few awards focus on recognizing and cultivating young artists who have not yet received recognition yet have great potential. To provide them with a platform to showcase their talents, and to bring motivation and hope to more young artists, the American Art Elite Awards is but a mere stepping stone into a realm and industry of creative professionals worldwide.

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